5 Ways To Increase The Life Service Of An Easy TV Box


TV boxes are an awesome invention for all. They come with so many benefits that make life easier and more entertaining. They also allow you to watch your favorite shows. The point to note is that while making a purchase, you will find that there are very many selling agents and brands. It will help if you search for the best that will give you good services. One of the best in the market is the evpad easy tv. The EVPAD easy TV box will provide you a lifetime of service if you maintain it well. This post will inform you of five methods to increase the life service of an easy TV box.

5 methods to use to increase the life service of an easy TV box

1. Shut down requirement sequence

Because of electrical surge impacts on the easy TV box, shut down requirement sequences for both the TV box and the TV. First, you need to turn off the TV box using the remote control. Then using the TV’s remote control, turn it off too. After that, switch off the TV’s power source on the socket and then remove the TV box adapter.

2. Do not plug and unplug the TV’s box interface while the power is still switched on

The static electricity can quickly burn off the EVPAD easy TV box chip. Therefore, it would be best to avoid several unplugging and plugging sessions while the power is still on. The recurrent actions of unplugging and plugging may cause severe damage to your TV box. Some of the damages include; destabilizing the TV box’s regular operation, loosening interfaces, and creates an entry point for dust. The loosened interface can also encourage poor contact.

3. Avoid removing the microSD card directly while the TV box is still on

Most people disregard this rule. The EVPAD easy TV box does not support Hot-plugging of the MicroSD card method. Therefore, before you unplug, go to the system settings. In the system settings, click on the exit SD card. After clicking the exit button, you can now safely remove the SD card.

A warning to note is that when you unplug a microSD card when the easy TV box is still on, the motherboard can quickly get damaged. A damaged motherboard can lead to the system crashing.

4. Do not use the easy TV box in a greasy or humid environment

Basic science states that when metal is exposed to water, it will rust. Therefore, exposing the easy TV box to a humid environment can cause the metal sheet to corrode and rust. Thus, reducing the TV box’s service life.

5. Do not use unstable voltage input

Unbalanced voltage input leads to the easy TV box’s internal damage. Therefore, it would be best to ensure that you use sockets with very stable voltage.


Though the easy TV box is made of quality materials, electrical surges can cause damage. Therefore, following the above maintenance steps will help your easy TV box give you a lifetime of services. Consequently, you get to enjoy the fast speed of the TV box and the quality.

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