Basic Features a Modern Smartwatch Should Offer


Nowadays, there are various types of smartwatches, fitness trackers, and wearables. They have their unique sets of benefits and features. You can find some with desirable features, whereas others do not. In such a case, some things may be sacrificed for improved functionality of other features.

For instance, you can find smartwatches without a touchscreen display. Rather, they have physical controls through mounted buttons. However, that does not mean getting such a smartwatch is the wrong choice. What this means is that you ought to pay attention to the critical features that you need. Therefore, it is important to know the features your Pink watch should have. If the smartwatch you want to purchase does not have all these features, you should move on.

Voice Commands

As you know, the display of a smartwatch is quite small. Therefore, everything on the onscreen is quite small. Also, if you want to type on the screen, you are likely to make errors, especially for a person with large-sized fingers. Even navigating the user interface can be quite challenging. That does not mean using a smartwatch is always difficult, but can be a bit frustrating at times when you want to use it as you do with the smartphone.

Therefore, the smartwatch you purchase ought to have voice commands. This feature is quite important as it makes it easier to use your smartwatch, especially when on the move. Remember that it is easier to use voice commands than navigating the user interface and typing out messages.

Wireless Audio Connectivity

Your smartwatch should provide wireless headphones and media playback support. Although these are different features, they are always in tandem. There are times you need to listen to music that is stored or streamed locally on the smartwatch, especially when running or exercising outdoors. In such a case, you do not want your smartwatch to be noisy or plug headphones as they can hinder your movements. Therefore, wireless audio connectivity is necessary.


Other than deciding on the model and make of smartwatch, it should allow a certain level of customization. Remember that there are different versions of smartwatches, no matter the brand. At first, this may not seem to be important. However, when you want to do certain things, it becomes necessary. For instance, you may want to download certain apps or change the user interface. The good thing about customization is that it means your smartwatch will not always look the same.

Productivity Boosters

Since you wear the watch most of the time, then it should boost your productivity. Therefore, it should not be distracting you or take most of your time. It should allow you to do various things and take away your time. The watch ought to synchronize your calendar and schedule and notify you of your activities, events, and appointments. Also, it should allow you to playback your memos, check your appointments, and alert you when you have new emails and upcoming meetings.

Health Tracking

With a smartwatch, you do not need to purchase fitness trackers. That is because a smartwatch should provide basic health tracking.

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