How to Fix Common Site Kit Issues


A site kit is used by apps to provide information about location-based services. Site owners, developers, and agencies benefit from this kit as it helps them grow and maintain their online presence in a better way. Understanding and using the site kits such as the HUAWEI site kit can be easy, but you can encounter a few problems in the process which will require fixing. In this extract, we look at how to fix common site issues.

How to Fix Common Site Kit Issues

Several issues can come up while dealing with a site kit, making it hard for one to navigate. They are;

1. Unable to Set Up Site Kit

Setting up the Huawei site kit can pose a bit of difficulty, but it can always get fixed. There are a couple of tips concerning troubleshooting that one can follow. They include;

a. Install the Latest Version of the Site Kit

Uninstall the current version of your site kit or update it to the latest version. Check out the plugins area of your website for any updates. If there are any available, click on ‘update now.’

b. Disable Conflicting Plugins

Deactivate any plugins that could potentially cause conflicts with yours before reinstalling your site kit. Remember, all this should be done before activating it, and you can reactivate it after the installation is successful.

c. Disable Any Security or AdBlocker Application

Before installing and setting up your site kit, temporarily disable applications running on your phone or computer, such as security and ad blocker software. Once you’ve completed the process of setting up, you can now enable the software again, and they continue functioning as they were before. Make sure that you are installing the kit on an incognito window. It also contributes to the disabling of some software such as ad blockers if you forgot to do so. The cache is kept clean, and cookies are off during the process of setting up.

d. Use a Different Device

Local software or application in your current device can affect the installation of the site kit. Change to another computer with different settings for easier installation.

2. Any Other Issues Involving the Site Kit

Apart from setting up problems, you might experience a blank screen on your computer, or you’re unable to update your information. The troubleshooting tips down below will help you fix the issue.

a. Ensure Your Environment Has Achieved the Minimum Requirements

When all requirements are not met, the site kit will not function normally. It requires at least a PHP version or 5.4 for it to operate as expected.

b. Update to the Latest Version

Like setting up, the site kit must be updated to avoid problems such as failing to update your data.

c. Deactivate Some Software and Applications

It is important not only while setting up the kit but also to prevent other issues after installation, such as the blank screen. Uninstall the site kit and applications then reinstall after the process is done.


The points above will help you deal with some problems that you might face when using a site kit to make your experience comfortable and better. Lastly, always never be in a hurry when doing this, such will help you to make sure your step or instruction is well executed.

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