Do You Really Wish to Secure Your Huge Files of Data in One Rack?


The S2 Network Racks provides a cost-effective way to expand your company’s current data storage capacity. They are designed to provide superior durability and flexibility in both their design and their use, making them the ideal choice for the global community of IT businesses that make use of network technologies. There are several key advantages to choosing the S2 network racks. Besides, they have been carefully manufactured by the network rack manufacturers¬†from the beginning with a focus on the requirements of today’s IT business environment.

Lightweight & Durable Material of S2 Network Racks

Superior durability steel is by far the most commonly selected material for the frame of any S2 rack. This durable material is both strong and lightweight, which makes it a popular choice for many uses. It is extremely stable, meaning that the rack can withstand years of heavy-duty use without showing signs of damage. It is also highly resistant to corrosion, making it able to withstand extreme weather conditions and other harsh conditions. This superior durability makes it an ideal material for a rack that will last for years.

Another advantage to using steel for a rack is its wide range of versatility. The S2 material comes in different rack designs and can be used in many different applications. This means that it can be used to improve productivity by fitting it into the most complex designs of hardware or adapted to suit the needs of the particular application that it is being used for.

Data Protection Features

In addition to that, these S2 network racks are widely being used by network companies to store their data. The IT world continues to evolve with new technologies and so the question of their security also arises. So, these cabinets come with a great locking system with which your data becomes very secure. Furthermore, these cabinets boast other characteristics as well such as thermal insulation, humidity control, and energy efficiency. It is for sure that considering buying these racks is a great investment in your business because these are not only attractive to look at but also provide you data protection benefits.

High Air Pressure Technology

Moreover, these S2 network cabinets can be placed in any location of your offices or home because they are airtight and have good ventilation. This is mainly because these cabinets feature the High Air Pressure technology which helps prevent moisture from entering the network servers. These also work well for heating and cooling purposes, because they have high-quality fans and heat sinks. You can use them for both office and home use because they are designed to be modular and are very flexible in design.

Enough Space with Drawers & Cabinets

With that being said, S2 network cabinets can accommodate large amounts of disks and data as compared to what you would be able to get with a normal storage cabinet. You will also need less space because they have many drawers and cabinets on their side which can be used to store equipment, network hardware, and even documents. These types of cabinets can also be used as a stand-alone unit, where you can put all your important items like documents and disks. The good thing is that you will get more security and protection for your data because these racks also have locking systems.

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