Why the HMS Core Is Here To Stay


It’s no longer news that Huawei’s new flagship phones will not have any of the services offered by Google. The trade wars between China and the United States have formed the basis for this unfortunate predicament. However, this does not mean that Huawei will stay put and wait for a reprieve from Google. They have gone ahead to create something truly interesting. That is the HMS core.

In this article, we’ll consider what it can do and why we think it’s a direct answer to the prohibition that was placed by Google.

What Caused The Prohibition From Google?

It all started with the trade wars. Huawei was then seen as a security breach in the United States. This led to the law that companies in America refrain from doing business with all future models of the Huawei brand.

This meant that Google who is a company of the United States will not bring it’s services to Huawei smartphones. This includes YouTube, Playstore, and Google Assistant. The HMS core is set to be the answer to this ban.

What the HMS Core Offers

The HMS core offers something really exciting. It offers seven core services that aims on lifting the user’s experience when using Huawei.

The services which the HMS offers include the cloud storage services as well as the appgallery. The HMS core, on the other hand, offers about 24 kits and over 900 APIs. This includes analytics as well as location services.

There are so numerous that they probably cannot all fit into this article! However, one thing is for certain. The HMS core removes all memories of Google services remarkably. It’s simply amazing.

Why You Should Give Huawei A Try

However, it might still be difficult to give Huawei a chance. I mean, Google has existed for such a long time and it’s just easier to go with the flow. However, Huawei offers something interesting.

First, Huawei is a really good smartphone at really affordable prices. It has every person in mind when it makes it budget and mid-range phones. Plus, the HMS core is set to provide all the services you need.

The truth is that you never know how good a product is if you actually never try it out. With Huawei smartphones, you get the world from a truly unique perspective. It’s something you should definitely try out.

So what’s The Next Step?

Trying out the HMS kit should be the next step. If you are interested in doing this, you can buy a Huawei android phone and quickly install it on your phone. It also comes with the Huawei ID which gives you a secure login point.

It’s safe to use and you should not have any complaints.

Final Thoughts

While Google might have had their hands forced, Huawei can turn this into a wonderful opportunity. While the HMS core is still in its early stages, further development could well see Google have a real competition for the first time.

It will be interesting to see how this turns out.

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