5 Useful Tips And Tricks to Become a FIFA Legend


FIFA 21 has come with mouth-watering features to revitalize the gaming passion for FIFA players. You want to wrap this whole trick around your finger before others so that you can earn and maintain the title of a “FIFA Lord.”

Well, it’s important to learn and master some skills if you must be ahead of others. Hence, this piece consists of tips to apply to the new FIFA 21┬áto make you an expert.

5 Helpful tips and tricks for FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

  1. Use dynamic runs as a decoy to score goals.

The dynamic run is an all-new amazing feature of FIFA 21. It is merely a way of pointing players who are not under your control in a certain direction. It allows you to set different players in the match’s direction so that you can pass the ball from the holder to any other player in that direction. To score goals, you can use this feature as a decoy to distract opponents in the wrong direction.

  1. Play Division Rival Placement to earn coins.

Playing division rivals is a strategy employed by FIFA to help players master skills in the game by playing solo or against other players online while placing them in divisions that mark their mastery. As one of the latest features of FIFA, division rivals now come with placement matches. There are five easy placement matches in the new FIFA 21. Since using coins are indispensable in the game, you would want to gather lots of them. Completing these easy placement matches is an interesting tip for winning stacks of coins.

  1. Sniping to earn coins

Sniping is another simple trick you can employ in FIFA’s game, not just to win coins but also to build a squad. It involves the use of filters to search for underpriced players in the transfer market repeatedly. However, to reshuffle the options made available, you need to change one of your search elements. You can decide to change the minimum price to get new options. When you find a suitable player for a low cost, act fast because this is a popular trick.

  1. Trading Bronze packs

Bronze packs are economical packs containing about 12 different items, including a special item of about 400 coins and at least three players. It is one of the easiest ways of earning in FIFA, but the risks and earnings are minimal. The rare bronze players are the most profitable items in the pack. Before selling them off, use the compare price option to ascertain their prices. Though selling these players may involve a slow process of listing them continually, most of them will sell with time.

  1. Gain proficiency in Agile Dribbling and Creative Runs

These are two new features added to the game of FIFA. While most gamers are still oblivious, you can take advantage of this by mastering how to use them and shock your opponents with mind-blowing moves. Agile dribbling is activated by holding down the R1 button when the ball gets to you. The player would then keep the ball close and move slowly while looking out for a chance to burst away from the defendant. On the other hand, a Creative run is designed to help you gain control of the direction and timing of your teammates’ runs.


FIFA 21 has come with thrilling features that can keep gamers glued to their screens. This article offers some free tips and tricks that can help you design your ideal ultimate team.

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