A Complete Guide on How to Play RuneScape 3


Have you ever imagined living in a fantasy world with monsters to kill, dungeons to explore, wars to fight, and rare treasure items to collect? The answer is most likely a resounding yes for most people. We all have our imaginations of experiencing such a world. For online video games, British developer Jagex Ltd developed a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) to give you a chance to experience such a world; Runescape 3.

So, how does one play the game, and what cues can they use while at it? This article offers you all the necessary tips and tricks to use to enrich your experience in Gielinor, Runescape’s fantasy world.

1. Read the rules

Sounds very basic, right? But many players go straight into exploring the game without understanding the rules to play by. These rules are important as they inform your interactions with other players. Also, do not skip the RuneScape 3 tutorial!

2. Explore the map

It is paramount to navigate through Gielinor with ease if you are to enjoy the game. Therefore, explore the Runescape 3 map and get to know the places better.

3. Chat with friends

RuneScape’s chat feature allows you to talk with other game players, so you don’t get bored playing. So, make some friends and engage with them.

4. Make money

RuneScape currency is gold. Whether you are a member player or a free player, it is critical to make some gold. Buy items in the game such as filled water vials and cooked lobsters and sell them at higher prices to other players. Kill animals and sell their products to the available banks.

5. Work hard, play hard

Training for Runescape 3 should be diligently done; it is one of the basic but most important tips for playing RuneScape better. Spend more time training, increase your experience points, and unlock new levels. The more you train, the higher your character ranks.

6. Maintain a good reputation with other members

You mustn’t interact negatively with other Runescape 3 members. Having a good reputation will help you get information about some game features from other members with more ease. If a member tries to get to you negatively, you’d rather keep off. Do not be insulting or offensive to other players, and most importantly, do not break the rules. Play fair.

7. Trust the process

Do not compare your Runescape achievements with those of other members who have been at the game for longer periods. You’ll get there too with time, depending on the effort you put in.

8. Diversify your skills

Do not just focus on combat. RuneScape has a variety of skills you can practice. However, choose your skills wisely in such a way that they’re complimenting each other. For example, Dungeoneering is a good complement to combat.

9. Use fansites

Fansites will provide you with information you might not get from friends or the member forums. Other sites, such as www.4rsgold.com, offer you a chance to purchase gold for your RuneScape. However, it is important to stick to secure sites to avoid malware and keyloggers.


To enjoy your RuneScape 3 playing experience, read the rules, explore the map, train hard, earn more gold, and play fair. It’s not simple to be a pro player, but also not challedging that your abilities can not overcome. Take your time, and the pro status will be yours.

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